• Of the 42 paintings on offer both ” Jewel of Africa ” and
    ” Dancing Queens ” surpass the others in that the abstract component is expressed subtlety and thereby relates more closely to reality and symmetry is utilised effectively to create well balanced artistic displays .

  • Of the 42 paintings on offer thus far ” Jewel of Africa ” and ” Dancing Queens ” are the two notables . Abstract should retain a life like realism with the exaggerations subtle and thereby believable . Symmetry is integral for all aspects of life especially the static art forms such as photography and painting . Both paintings have succeeded very well on these two very important points . Each painting portrays the sexual component very well with Jewel of Africa emphasising such at a an individual level while Dancing Queens does so at a collective level . The raw earthiness displayed and captured in Jewel of Africa conjures the exotic fantasyland imagery that is the essence of Africa . Thanks for giving a financial platform to such art .

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