Our story

Splash of Africa based in Mjøndalen Norway exists to aid in the development and social economic welfare of young African Artists. We provide them with the international platform that is needed to display their art and talents in order to sell and promote their work. Splash of Africa is not simply about selling Arts it is about working with young artists in Africa  to sell and promote their art in order to provide for their families and educate their children.

Our organisation believes in equal opportunities that can lead to self-development and the preparation of Africa’s next generation for a better future through economic sustainment.

It all started when I worked in Liberia in the humanitarian sector and came across local struggling artists trying to sell their art on the streets to support their families. At first I was blown away by the colours and designs of the various art pieces and confused on what to buy as I was returning shortly to Europe and wanted to buy one or two paintings to take as gifts for friends in Norway. When I got to know them better I found out the hardship they faced in selling their paintings and getting fair price for them. I felt I had to help them by trying to give them the international platform needed to expose their talents, as those beautiful paintings deserved to be seen and enjoyed by a more appreciative audience.

That got me to thinking that if Liberian Artists faced these hardships, so must other African Artists and I had to do something to help them. That’s how and why Splash of Africa was created.

By purchasing one or more of our beautiful colourful you not only bring a splash of Africa into your homes and offices but you help support and promote Local African Artists.

Best Regards
Edwina Jenny Taylor
Founder of Splash of Africa