Featured Artist


This month we are featuring John Saah, a prolific and versatile artist, his work includes paintings and sculpture, we are proud to showcase our Africa based artists! These art pieces are available at our shop or online.

When you buy our selection of Africa’s artist artwork, not only you enjoy beautiful collections of paintings, clothing, sculpture and gifts items crafted, you also support individuals like John who make a living through their talents and creativity.

John Saah developed the passion for art at the age of 10 years old were due to lack of materials even then he used to draw on walls and on the ground with charcoal and pencils. His parents were not happy with him and told him constantly that art was for fools and so never supported him. So he left home at an early age.

He travelled briefly to Guinea, Ivory Coast, Gambia and Sierra Leone where he gained additional techniques from working with artists in these countries. He then returned to Liberia and continued his work there creating beautiful works of art, of which some can be bought via Splash of Africa. Upon his return to Liberia, he discovered that the atmosphere and situation had not changed there for artists. Artists were still not supported by the local communities and seen as a waste of time. Also getting hold of decent materials is extremely hard and very expensive, as a result, they have to be very creative. The market in Liberia and West Africa as a whole for artists is not economically viable as they work extremely hard under strenuous circumstances for very little income per canvas painted.

John Saah

John Saah