What motivates us

Africa as a continent is blessed with a vast amount of beauty, diversity and culture. However, one major point all of Africa have in common is economic instability. African Artists as a whole are finding it difficult to get timely and fair price for their Art, and when they do it is usually insufficient to support them.

That is where Splash of Africa come in, our slogan “bring a splash of Africa to your life” was chosen because our team felt the need to share with the world the beauty and vision that African Artist would love to portray through their work. For those who have always dreamed of going to Africa and never could, or those who have been in Africa and loved it, there is an opportunity via Splash of Africa  who buys directly from African Artists (100% full payment) to bring the beauty of Africa to you.

Although we are not yet a member of Fair Trade Federation, we do adhere and follow their principles and guidelines, which enables us to build great relationships with our artists in order for them to earn a living with dignity.

Spending time with our artists and getting to know them on a personal level has given us the opportunity to really get to know them, where trust, transparency, respect for each other and communication has grown which is a great basis to work from.

Our Artists knows that we have their best interest at heart and that we just love their work, they sell directly to us, hereby cutting the middle man. We pay them upon delivery of the painting and in some cases, we even give them an advance in order for them to purchase necessary materials. We aim to sell their paintings as much as we can in order for them to have a regular income to sustain themselves.

In summary:

  • We buy our artworks directly from the African artist whenever we can and not from a gallery, so that the artist alone profits.
  • Since we buy most artworks directly, our artists profit immediately and don’t have to wait for their painting to sell on our site before getting paid.
  • We pay our artists a fair price for their paintings that most often they set, so that the artists are not exploited.
  • We give most of our artists a substantial, up front, cash deposit for the custom artwork they will make for us.
  • We give our African artists free, worldwide exposure and promotion through Splash of Africa .com and our facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/splashofafrica
  • We attempt to keep in touch with most of our artists we know personally.