How we work and what you can expect from us

  • We want our commitment to you to result in your commitment to us.
  • We give you the timely and professional customer service you expect and deserve when you are in any correspondence with us.
  • We sell paintings to you at a fair price
  • We run a 100% transparent and secure online purchasing process,
  • We hold 90% of all our paintings. So your orders from our collection are securely delivered wordwide  by Splash of Africa from our location near Oslo
  • We have contractual relationships with the artists we work with on consignment so you can count on their reliable delivery.

Splash of – ” Bring a splash of Africa into your lives -“

So thank you for trusting Splash of Africa  We are here to serve and bring you one step closer to the joy of African Art, hope that our site had the information that you needed and that you have enjoyed seeing our artists work.  Would be super if you could support them by purchasing a painting or two. Our online store is always open for browsing and our Facebook Page gives you the latest updates. Through making a purchase, you are supporting the African artists’ families and bettering their quality of life by enabling us to buy more paintings from them.  Plus, you will own a true, original piece of   African art in your house, office, or to share with someone as a gift.

We thank you profusely for your support and interest. Our talented African artists are passionate about their artwork, excited about our partnership, and how together we bringing African art throughout Africa, the USA, and around the world. Enjoy!